“Good marketing strategies”

“Promises are to be kept for a trusting relationship”, so I’ am here again – your very own David – to introduce to you the part 2 of my previous blog post, “Marketing and Small Business”. Last time I’ve discussed to you in my part one the most important core elements in starting a small business and discussed a little bit about some good marketing strategies that helped you grow this small business that you’ve started. Now as promised; I will now teach you some more detailed information of those good marketing strategies that I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts.

Note that I will try to teach you a chronological order of these good marketing strategies based on my theory of what should you do first, or what strategy should you consider first before the other.

If you’ve noticed in my previous post, the first and foremost marketing strategy that I introduced after starting a small business is SEO. Actually, you can start SEO as soon as you did start making articles for your page, but I didn’t introduce it because SEO is a bit complicated and lengthy; though with that guide of mine, since our strategy is to narrow down our prospects for trust, SEO as early as making a page is good but not so necessary.

So what’s with SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization in definition is the ability of the web page to be visible in search engines whether by a SE’s natural or un-paid search results. This means that, it is a technique used to make a website (all types including forum, blogs, social media sites, etc.) appear in search engines when people search for some keywords. Keywords, these are the words that you use in searching for something that you want to know. So for example, you want to research about starting a small business. The first thing that you will do is go to a search engine and type-in your keywords for small businesses. Since you want to start a new business, you might be searching for the keywords, “starting a small business” or “good marketing strategies”. Now there are lots of webpages that will appear when you search for those keywords right? So do you think those webpages making it to the first page (aka Page Rank 1 or PR 1) had made it there by coincidence? No they’re not! What they do that’s why they’ve made it first is because of a great traffic in their website and SEO! Without SEO, they won’t make it there, BUT! If you’ve noticed, there are webpages who didn’t do SEO that made it to PR 1 right? The answer for that is, ‘they didn’t do SEO techniques manually, but passively – it just so happened that people writing those contents were optimized by google or any SEs!’ I’ve tried this anyway; before when I was still learning, I’ve ventured to blogs, forum, etc. to ask a generic question. When I’ve copied and paste that generic question in Google’s search tab, I was shocked that my name (profile forum name) was revealed first at the top of PR 1! Amazing was it?

So since we already know the definition of SEO, the question is how will we do SEO in our content writing or how does it works? The basic rule is just to optimize keywords. Remember what I’ve done passively? I’ve made a generic question and pasted it in websites to ask for advice, and technically I’ve made all those websites that I’ve went into to ask that questions in PR 1; but! With only the keywords (the generic question I’ve done) that I’ve used.

So for example, my keywords are “qwertyuiop” and I’ve been into forum’s www.a.com, www.b.com, www.c.com, and www.d.com. Now let us assume that I’ve typed the same keywords in all those 4 websites (you can actually try doing this, if you have accounts on different Social Media sites, you can try this example by typing a really unique keywords something that out of 8 billion people, you’re the only one that will type it for example purposes). After typing these keywords, I will now use google and will type the exact keywords that I’ve used. You will notice that all 4 of these websites where I placed that keywords will make it top 1, 2, 3, 4 in SE’s first page. BUT! If SEO is just that easy, why are their people struggling to do it? Okay, remember those big businesses in our scenario that we would like to assassinate? Remember that the keywords that we’ve used for our page are exactly the same keywords that they’ve used in their websites as well! So this is where the competition takes place.

Not all people will have unique keywords that they will use like qwertyuiop, or no one is dumb enough as well to SEO optimized their websites for keywords that no one will search! Because doing such will only grant them no visitors in their websites! So this is how it works.

For example we have these two keywords, “I love you” and “123321321123”. Now let’s assume that those 4 dummy websites I’ve mentioned were new fresh websites, and then let’s type in these two keywords “I love you” and “123321321123”. I’m 100% sure that typing these two separate keywords in SE will have two different results; when you use I love you, you will fail to make those fresh websites in the first page, but if you use 123321321123 you can make it. So these happen because ‘I love you’ as a keyword has been used by many website owners as their SEO keyword so that people searching ‘I love you’ which are common keywords will have their websites be viewed by those searching for it. But why did these big websites make it to top 1? And why not these 4 websites that I’ve mentioned didn’t if they used the same keywords in it as well? The reason for this is ‘traffic’ and the ability of the SEs to page-rank a website. The more traffic you have, the more you can make it to PR 1. So since we already know how do SEO works and its relation to traffic, how could someone starting a small business make it to PR 1 by using SEO even if they lacked the traffic? The answer to this is to know some techniques about SEO which I will teach you now.

If you’ve noticed from my previous post, I introduced SEO almost at the same time with blogging. Why? Because of these SEO techniques;
Make a really good content – For me this is the most important thing in driving everything into your website or any other thing related to making money online. If you can’t put content then consider your everything a waste. SEO is just a tool that will HELP, and not everything about starting a small business. The question is I guess this; “How to make a good content?” and apart from this is this; “How to make a good content with SEO?” Well since I’ am kind, I’ll teach you how to do it.

Making a good content also means sustaining good information to the people. Okay, answer this question – ‘what is the reason why people browse the internet?’ Isn’t it because they need information about something? Whatever it is that we do, we search for games, we search for explicit content, we search for whatever it is – we can narrow it down into one single goal; “I need some information about…” So the key to making a good content is of course to make your content really informative. Something like, “I would want to let the people know about this, I’ll include this in my content”. That is why it is so important that the niche you choose is something that you want because only a person who wants something will have the power to sustain UNIQUE information about their chosen niche. I know you guys are aware of those people copying info from other websites. Have you noticed that the rewritten will always be a PR or tons of PR away from the one who make it? That is because they fail to give unique info about their own website – they don’t have originality. I understand that research is important as well in developing your own stuff, but pure research without additional info coming from yours is not quite so good. Why will people read your article if it has the same info on the one on PR1? Why would they care about a starting website that can’t even get a stat in Alexa or Google analytics? Worst, do they even know that you exist? All the negative answer to this will come to you if you fail to make a unique content. Trust me, just think and pull something in your mind – there will always be something inside of it that other people don’t know yet. This is what you will be teaching them – your new unique idea. This new unique idea should be written thoroughly with good language grammar and easy to understand. You should also construct these ideas into something that people will want to share in Social Media sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc. with a link into your website in it.

Links – The next technique that I’d be teaching you are about backlinks or links from other websites that will redirect people from that website into yours. With this technique, you’ll gain more or extra traffic into your website.  Admit it, since you’re still starting a small business you can never deny the fact that there are some other websites out there who as of the moment are better than yours, so instead of hating and planning to assassinate them, why not make some good collaboration with them? This sounds not easy and yes you’re right, but we have these ways to get links from other websites and the main thought to this is “Give and take”.

It doesn’t mean that these big businesses are already big, they won’t need anymore those people starting a small business – in fact they need you more than you need them! Why? Simple, if you are starting a small business, then we will consider that you will be starting as a consumer to get the products that you will sell. This will in turn get the attention of those big businesses’ websites. The key to this is that you should ask them as your supplier if it is possible for them to reserve a part of their website to place a link of your website as their clients, and you in your part will also put a link of their website somewhere in your site as your supplier – this is what I mean of give and take good marketing strategies. Not just that! You can also propose to them your articles that you’ve made into your site. If it is good, then they could accept it as an additional info to the existing article that they already have in their website. Since they have more traffic than you do and they have loyal consumers looking at their websites day by day, making a backlink of your site there would mean that these consumers will also be able to see yours because they would most probably be clicking that backlink on that website. That will then give you a really good traffic.
Note that links as well will play a vital role for your website to be linked into your pages, blogs, etc. With this, you can have traffic circulating on all your assets and related sites. This is also the reason why I emphasized to you the connection between SEO and blogs because for you to know, almost all of the websites nowadays have a blog affiliated to them or have their own blogs. People love to read blogs because it is of at most personal – a good way to get some valid reviews over products.

Images – Images plays a vital role as well in your SEO. Note that people, especially early adults, teens, and children loves images. So image SEO is one of the good marketing strategies that most of those who are starting a small business will oversee.

This works by uploading pictures in your website that is related to your niche and optimize it so that it will appear on Google’s IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE. Note that there’s no way Google will ever be able to optimize your images just by the image itself – who in the hell will scan billions – no – trillions of images in Google just to look for your stuff and optimize it with your site! Remember that you will need to place some captions, descriptions, and titles that are SEO optimized for it to be seen by others. Remember that you shouldn’t cheat on it by saving some keyword densities from your original article for it; you should treat its SEO separately from your written articles.

Word Count – the next important SEO techniques are word counts. Remember that people or most of the people hates to see long texts! So you should at least limit a number of word counts per page in your website or blog for them not to get tired of reading it – but take not that this should not hinder your SEO on the said article or content. The key here is to separate it wisely like sub topics per sub topics, or per title if you only post short articles, or sometimes by image. Note that the limit in texts only applies to pages and not the whole content itself – your informative content shouldn’t be limited with words but consider separating it per page.

Copy-cat – For real the most basic rule for all content writing. So I repeat it again, don’t copy content from other websites into yours! Spinning? There are some times that spinning is that of an advantage especially if you’re posting some current events related to your niche, but if you’re to provide informative articles, then spinning will be a great bad idea – not unless you have a new idea in addition to an already existing idea from others.

These are all for SEO for now but I still have these formatting topics, meta-descriptions, keyword placements, etc. that I could still teach you in more details, but I’ll teach you this in some new posts or directly through emails if questions are raised. These topics are quite complicated so Q and A through email is I guess a better idea for me to know as well of which part seems confusing for you guys. So subscribe and drop me an email and see you on the other side!

Now that we’re done with SEO, let us now proceed to some other good marketing strategies I haven’t discussed yet – our next in the list is BLOGGING.

For sure you have heard of this more than you can ever count. From peers, family, acquaintances, or even Google SE – I’m pretty sure – had never stopped you for a day without giving you a blog site whenever you search for something. Blogging is one of the most effective ways or good marketing strategies to gain TRAFFIC into a website because it is something not just very informative, but it has the ability to take the minds of the readers through, most of the time, storytelling . It is a storytelling in a sense that most of the blogs are individually owned or done by a person biased of his/her own belief and preference. Just like this blog of mine for example. This blog is something original, something that is made by me, and something that is biased on how I see things that amuses me or works for me. Now this blog of mine will be shared to you guys in hoping to help you with your difficulties in this niche, and if I’m really that good, this will turn into a mentor-students relationship and will merit me more subscribers – a solo informative website for readers.

So how’s this connected to marketing? Well, it’s similar in a real life situation wherein a friend of yours whom you share your interests with had bought something relevant to what amuses you both and then giving you a DETAILED information about it. That’s where blogging will have something to do with marketing. There are ways to do this; it can be that you post relevant ads into your blog (ex. You write articles about games, and you post some people’s adsense related to games), it can also be that you write articles about a certain product, give some good reviews and a link to their site, or it could simply be sharing some thoughts about something or something informative like what I have been doing.

Through blogging, you can be paid into different ways like talent fee (writing talents), or the most used paid clicks. So if you drive too much traffic on your blog and was able to SEO optimized it, people reading your blog posts will most likely click the ads or backlinks into someone else’s website or might be of yours, and earn money from them. The key to this one is good content and useful information about something you’re trying to market. Note that the process can easily be understood in blogging – gain subscribers then earn – pretty much a straightforward goal. But to tell you honestly, this is not quite easy to do so passion, motivation, and hard work is the key to this success.

There aren’t really that much of difficult techniques in blogging, what makes it difficult is that people tend to derail themselves of what is supposedly be an easy task to do. Now I’ll give you techniques that will shock you because it’s not so similar with other good marketing strategies that will give you some definite objective procedures to do – this is something that deals more with creative writing and something subjective or personal.

Personality – Write your blog in a way that it seems you’re showing them your personality. There’s no and will never be a definite tone of how’s a blog should be written – it’s really up to you. The only thing that you should consider is SEO, and the good content, but writing style? Put yourself into it! Write it in a way that it is as if your soul was the one who’s writing!

Consistency – be consistent with your blog, make sure that you do updates on a regular basis so that people will know when to expect you and they’ll get the idea of when will they be visiting you back. This will give you a regular traffic from subscribers who are regularly reading your post in a regular timeframe. If you become consistent and so are they!

See how these things about blogging are really simple but are good marketing strategies. Next;

Simplicity is beauty – Don’t mind that stuff such as word counts and perfect English. You ain’t writing a novel that you will need these shakespeares or whatever it is that makes your English really poetic. Simple readable and understandable English with some good grammar are better. Make good in your content instead and SEO rather than thinking too much about these ‘to be or not to be’ stuff. Word counts as well are intimidating. You’re not in a movie that you need to have a long script or whatever it is, word counts should be influenced not by your mind who’s thinking of a word-count goal, but it should be influenced by how much information you are giving your readers. For example in this article, I didn’t even notice that I’m already bubbling around 3 thousand words.

Focus on one title at a time – Your article should also focus on one title. Don’t let yourself fly away into ideas that will make your title irrelevant to its content. Always remember that people reading your article will expect something relevant to your title, so you shouldn’t fail their expectations with that!

Commenting – Why not? Let people give comments on your blog posts, let them tell you what they want and accept it whether it’s more like a negative comment or a positive one. Anyway, just moderate it to avoid spam and direct non-relative insults into your blog.

Expert – One of the good marketing strategies through blogging is to become influential in a way that you position yourself as the expert.  Treat yourself as the teacher and your readers as your students. Teach them your thoughts and stand for it – this way you’ll gain their trust that you’re reliable and your knowledge should be treated the way an expert should be.

Make your experiences be that of a good example – well I guess I’ve informed you already for a million of times about starting something that you want. Then another advantage of it is this; share your experiences to your subscribers. Let them know that what you are writing are something that you’ve had experienced before, in that way, they’ll get a guideline that what you’re teaching them or sharing to them are legit and real. It’s like when you’re talking to your friends about something and your friends asked for some evidences if it did really happened.

Make your blog as your command center – Among all your good marketing strategies; treat your blog as your central command center. Everything should root and end in your blog. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make it just a sub-link of your blog. You may have started to make some of your good marketing strategies through social media sites or other ways, but still when you started a blog, turn this blog of yours as the one in control of those other marketing platforms that you might have. The reason is this, those pages or other websites are something you are NOT in control with. Anytime, owners may change its sharing or privacy terms and conditions that may affect your marketing plan, and if this happens – you’re in serious bad luck! But in blogs – you’re the master of your blog, you are in control, no one will ever change your settings and stuff, and no one will ever tell you to stop what you used to do. Make sense?

That’s all with blogs for now. I’ll update a post related to this next time anyway. I’ll teach you their how to start a blog and some other things about blog, so please subscribe and stay tuned!

Another good marketing strategies is forum posting. Forum can be used in different ways; past times, when you want someone to discuss with some random topics, make friends, and fortunately marketing. It’s really easy to market into forums, because your access are limited and often times a direct marketing will be of at most UNWELCOME. So your only choice is to PARTICIPATE in some others forums related to your niche, and then just be a part of the community. The good thing is that you have this signature field that you can design with a banner related to your own site and a direct link to your website. People reading your posts may see your signature a bit intriguing and will make them click it. If you have built a good relationship with those forum members you can also promote to them your website directly without them being offended. The reason is your loyalty to the site and that they already had treated you as part of the community and not as a stranger who’s bashing forums by spamming ads.

The last good marketing strategies that I would want to share to you guys are email marketing, and video marketing.

Email Marketing – In email marketing, you can search for people through your subscribers list or fans that you think will be interested with your offers. As simple as it looks – get there emails and email them 1 by 1 or through newsletters which I will teach you next time. Treat the content of your emails of as if you’re sending it to a friend. This way, the results of it being treated as a spam will be reduced.

Video Marketing – very much similar to promoting an image and content but in video form. You can make your own channel on Youtube and make some videos promoting your site. You can post ads as well in your videos and make some SEO keywords in your video description. Also the most important part is to make a good tag for your video, this way, people will have an easier access to your vids. Remember, Videos are to be search-engine-optimized as well to make it to those video hosting sites’ PR 1.

So these are really good marketing strategies that will help your small business be on top of SEs. There are still more that I could teach you; I could still give you detailed information of each of this with exclusive articles for each of these good marketing strategies, some more good marketing strategies, ways to utilize these good marketing strategies, and many more! I hope you enjoy reading my articles and are learning so please subscribe and drop me an email or comments for questions, suggestions, and any reactions. See you on my next informative post!


  A passion will never be handicapped”

Oh well it’s me again, David. I’m giving you guys my time again to learn about many things ‘making money’. As a promise, I’m here to teach you some detailed information about the blog post I’ve made last time. So basically, I’ll be dealing more on good marketing strategies and starting a small business online.

To know more about some good marketing strategies, we should first understand and know more about starting a small business online because this is what we will provide to the consumers before they pay us their money. This is a common mistake most of the business owners do that’s why they fail in making their business grow – they always think of some good marketing strategies first before they do good in their small business which is supposedly be the exact opposite! Why? What is the sense of having some really good marketing strategies if a consumer will only buy your product ONCE? So I repeat – good products/services first before good marketing strategies.

So here’s a step by step guide in starting a small business online;

 First thing to do is to know what you want – yes! What you want. There’s really a greater percentage of becoming successful if what you were selling or marketing is something that you really want!

There are these major goals in starting a small business online; either you sell a good, you sell yourself, or both. You sell a good, meaning you sell products to consumers whether it’s a franchised one or something that you make yourself (ex. Selling Fashion stuffs, medical drugs, food products, etc.). Selling yourself on the other hand actually means you have a talent/expertise or something within you that you want to share to the public in return for a talent fee or literally speaking – a salary (ex. Building your own dojo to teach martial arts, hosting a webinar for some educational stuff online, etc.). The third is when you do both;  you conduct something wherein people pay you, and you sell something to them as well related to what you were conducting (ex. You host a webinar about medical stuff and selling them some food supplements/medical drugs after the webinar).

So this is what you need to do. If thinking of something that you really want seems really difficult (my experience way back before), then just list the things that you’ve been doing in your whole life. Say for example, you’re a gamer, or you love computer games – then money might just be hiding in games or something related. How? Selling consoles, CDs, etc. So how’s this example be a good help in starting a small business online? Choosing what you want or been doing in life for so long gives you a more DETAILED information of what you’re selling literally. In relation to this example, someone who’s really into games will surely know what most likely be are “marketable” for his co-gamers. He’s selling stuff about games, so basically his consumers are his co-gamers. With this, you will of almost 100% sure know what a co-gamer wants.

The next thing that you will consider is how you will get the things that you will be selling, or if you’re selling yourself; where could be the best place to do it. For now, let’s focus on selling a product. I might be making some other post anyway in the future about ‘starting a small business online through selling yourself’.

So since our example is planning to sell games, then we should be thinking of how do retailers produce these gaming products, or it could also be possible that our example will hire someone to do a game of his ideas (that’s why it is really important that you want it before starting a small business online out from it). We could search online of some retailers/manufacturers about this stuff, or find someone who’s good at programming games in case he doesn’t know how to do it himself. NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! This is very important – compare retailer’s price from the prices of the said product in your local market and be sure that by comparing, you’ll significantly have a good profit from it if selling the same price or something close to the market already selling it! So here’s a sample scenario for this step; he’d search online for manufacturers/retailers and email them asking of how much I should invest + shipping fees of having these said products. For sure they’ll give you an amount. BUT SINCE WE ARE STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS ONLINE; let’s say we can’t afford a full package of products. So we will ask them if possible, we’ll only get this amount as this is only what we can afford. If they don’t agree, then go look for some other manufacturers or retailers.

So let’s say you’re really poor and you’ve end up buying retail stuff from other sellers through ebay but assuming it is still good as what is in ebay is still 70%(let’s just say) cheaper than the price in your local market. So you’ve end up purchasing in ebay of some selected and limited stuff for sale.

So here’s the turning point!! Most of the time people will fail at this part because they immediately think of MARKETING already the product, not knowing of how they will make their products first unique/good/better from other sellers. So think of it this way. There are tons of BIG TIME BUSINESS owners selling the same stuff online or in your place/country – where did you get the idea of by directly MARKETING the same stuff will make you defeat them by trust? How will you make them buy to you instead from them? So that’s why I’m emphasizing it again, GOOD products first before good marketing strategies.

So now we’re in the point of making the most of our products to make it really good before marketing it. At this point, we have limited products in boxes placed in your room. Now let’s analyze if we do have a good place to sell our products or we only have the internet to sell it. So since we’re poor, we will rely on the internet to sell our products. So our next step to a good product selling is a good shop. So our shop is the internet since we’re poor to rent a lot in our place or build some shops nearby stores or inside malls. Now we are facing 3 possible places on where could we build our shop in the internet; Buy a website, post it on shops online like Ebay or Amazon, or through social media sites (ex. Facebook page, twitter, etc.).

Note that we are not yet marketing our products! So if you’ve noticed; blogs, forums, etc. are not included because this is more on the marketing part already (which I will include later). So now, focus in starting a small business online– product wise!

Buying a website or making your own website will somehow need some investments. Buying an existing website with good traffic will probably bill you some thousand dollars, and making your own website will make you pay for programmers or designers – they don’t study for 4 years for this or trained themselves for a long time just to earn a dollar per hour; and assuming you can’t make it for yourself as well (html, css, Javascripts, etc. What are you?) just like most of the people do.  I’d say a great percentage of people starting a small business online don’t have any idea about making a website; one more thing – hosting a website is one another story – headache. So since we’re poor, not so computer literate, and don’t know someone who could help us for free – option internet shop number 1 will be on our pending list. Why? Secret… Read more so you will know.

Our next prospect is Ebay or Amazon. Okay, pretty easy to do. Sign in and verify all stuff including a Paypal account which is most probably you’ve already had since we bought our products to sell online. Now we list our products and waited. After some few weeks you’ve noticed no results. Why? There are lots of people already selling the same product, and you’ve noticed that these businesses had more feedback scores than you have (zero), and worst – they are already earning much and theirs are cheaper than yours (you buy it to them anyway). You’ve tried a nationally hosted version of Ebay or Amazon; same results, you can’t beat them with feedback scores or to make it more literal – you can’t just make people trust you. So the ebay shop thingy is then again – will be on our pending list. Why again? Secret again… So read more again to know.

Now we have one option left, the social media sites. You have Facebook (Any social media site is applicable) so you’ve decided to start a page. You’ve noticed that it’s free, it’s famous, you have lots of friends (online buddies or local friends), and pretty much making a page is really USER FRIENDLY. So good-product-first-before-marketing wise, we’d say that this is the best place to build our shop as the only problem that we will encounter here most probably is ‘laziness’.

Now the next step to do is to design our page. Design it into something game related (assuming this example). Upload some pictures about what you are selling, make some videos about what you are selling, validate your name as much as possible (provide email, contact numbers, cellphone numbers, etc.), upload some cool game videos, make some quotes, etc. You’re a gamer and YOU WANT/LIKE it, so most probably providing some art on your page will be easy.

So now we already have a free, famous-open-to-all, user friendly internet shop for our products. Now for the next step;

What’s good in your product compared to those big businesses out there lurking that you’ve always wanted to assassinate? Joke, don’t do that. So joking apart, what is? Or simply let’s just say, what makes you unique? With this part, you should go back to the ‘I want this’ part of this starting a small business online plan. I’m 100% sure that out from your experiences in this want of yours, you’ll come up with a really good idea to make a good for your products even if thousands of people are already selling this. In this case, this is something that I couldn’t teach you all because I’m not God who knows everything, and we all have our own wants in life that others don’t, or simply saying what you know is different from what I know. I’d say, just think. Think of something that will make your product unique in terms of it’s quality and kind; something that you will add into your product that others don’t have.

So going back to our example, our plan is starting a small business online related to games because I want games. Now using my I-want-this strategy, I’ve come up with a unique strategy based from my experience as an I-want-to-play-games individual. Since I love games, most probably be that I have played so many games in my entire life, and made myself really good in it. Since I’m good in it, I guess it would be a good idea to sell my products along with a guide (made by you) in it. So simple, those big businesses doesn’t have this idea (assuming), but you have it. So with this idea, you can now compete with them because since some games are really a headache, or some people – no – I’d say many people are lazy to play it by themselves, they seem to rely on guides and cheats. You’re a good gamer, you can make guides, so play the game and compose a thorough guide for it. Make some articles, and post it in your page. Make it convincing so that people will believe that you’re a pro gamer. Make a good content in your page by means of a post saying that you’re playing this new game, or whatever it is – either way you know much of games because you want it, so most probably you know what to sell and what games people will buy, so we can assume that the products you’ve bought for selling is something saleable.

So now we have a shop, we have a good and unique idea to make the product good or better than others selling the same related products, and most important we have the products ready for selling – in boxes in your room. Isn’t starting a small business online easy? If not so after all what I’ve written above, you can email me or subscribe for more informative posts. Anyway, we’re not yet done so continue reading… I told you this is a long post.

So now we have the good product but we’re not yet done, and you’re probably asking “What’s more in starting a small business?” Well, I’d say that you shouldn’t be asking that because we’re still half way in starting a small business! We will still deal with the more complicated good marketing strategies!

For now I’ll just give you a glimpse or not so detailed information about good marketing strategies as I’ve decided to make the most of it into this blog post’s PART 2. BUT! The good thing is……. Continue reading so you will know what the good thing is.

We are now about to start with some good marketing strategies, but let us first know some good marketing strategies online;  
Marketing through:
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Media sites (What we currently have)
Ads, adsense, or anything related

Etc as there are really lots but this for now. I’ll try my best to list more or give more information about what I’ve already listed in the next post.

So what we have in that list of good marketing strategies for now is only “social media sites”. Well, I’d say that you shouldn’t be so discouraged because even though it’s one for now – that’s a kickass! So generally about marketing, the first thing that you should consider is who will buy your products – answered! – gamers. Next is to know where these consumers are being found – answered! – Worldwide (Internet marketing). Lastly, our first costumers – read more.

The most important factors in marketing are to build trust from your FIRST CLIENTS. Always and always remember this one – most of the time people will not buy to you because they DON’T TRUST YOU and not because your product is bad (Only happens to those people who doesn’t make good in their products). It’s always been trust remember that; because if not, all spammers should have been rich by now. By the way, it’s not just online but even in your local store or ask yourself – will you buy something from someone you don’t trust? So it’s always been trust. So the core foundation of getting sales is this – BUILD TRUST. This is what you should do before dealing with those good marketing strategies above!

So in this scenario (or any scenario related to this), how will we build trust? The answer is, narrow your prospects down. The broadest that we have is Worldwide (The mistake that you’ve done listing immediately in Ebay or Amazon), next is in your country, next in your city, in your local area, acquaintances, friends/significant others, inside your family, and lastly yourself! – Yes yourself! You should trust yourself that you can make it! But apart from trusting yourself, where should you start? Of course to those people who will easily trust you the most! So in this list, who will trust us the most? Don’t ask me who, you know it already. So now start asking your siblings (if you have any) if they want to buy your products, or your father, mother, cousins, etc. (This is a really good start if you’re planning to sell some food supplements, or something saleable that most of the people could use). Make them like your page, contact your cousins to buy and like your page. With this, at least we are safe that you’ll gain about 10-20 subscribers in your family. If you’ve sold some goods to them, then that’s good, BUT IF SO! Please, DO NOT SPEND YOUR PROFIT FIRST! Save it for future use! We are not starting a small business online here just to stay it like that forever! We are aiming to start small but to let our children, grand children; great great grand children continue it as big already! So please, learn to save money if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to. If you want to learn how to save money, email me and I’ll teach you.

Now in building trust, we’ve narrowed it down to our family. Next are your friends. Same thing, contact them, make them like your page and sell to them; if you got sales then save it again for future use. Now since you WANT what you are selling, most probably is that your friends also want what you’re selling, so this will add up to the chance of them buying – well “Birds with the same feathers flocks together”. Since we’re dealing with this sample scenario now, you can actually start marketing your products to your online buddies. Sell them your stuff based on your offers and the uniqueness that I’ve taught you how to do a while ago. Just be trustworthy, and ensure to them that your products are good as well. If they tell you that somewhere cheap has the same product, tell them if they can get an interesting add on from them. Well if your idea is really good, and if you’ve had made a really good unique product, and if you make good of your page – I’m 100% sure they prefer your product over those they can see even if it is a little bit expensive than those from others.

Now that you have your family and friends, here’s the next step; we have our acquaintances. Now if you’ve made a really good job in starting a small business online with good products, most probably is that these consumers who already had trusted you will advertise your products in your local area, or with their families, etc. If you’re thinking that by any chance you’ll mess it up this part, I’ll guarantee you that you will not because if you will follow my rule which is to make something good about your products first, people will surely be marketing it for you even if you don’t pay them to do so. Now you already have some subscribers whose regularly buying products from you. Now still consider saving money for future use and don’t rely on them marketing your products as these are limited and not forever. Since our next target is your local area, go somewhere else that could be a prospect and try to have some conversations with them. Invite them through your page and tell them about your products. If they buy some products from you, then suspect that they will buy again because we’ve established a good product since starting a small business online. Now remember that Ebay guy whom we’ve bought our products with? He will be curious because you keep buying goods from him, so consider communicating to him now and ask him for a partnership. If you succeed in pursuing him, you can start asking advice from him about this stuff. 100% sure he’ll teach you because you’re buying goods from him, and the best thing is if you can ask for some discounts for bulk buying. At this part, you can now spend some good times with some of your profit. It feels really good to spend something you’ve worked hard for but don’t ever forget to save more money even though.

Now that you’ve already had established some good trust by narrowing these all down. You can now start nationally. Assuming that you continue improving your page, continue making some good ideas with your product, and continue doing some really good work in your project; you can now start some sponsored features in your page like widen the reach of your posts and start learning about SEO (further be taught in the next blog post). Start your blog, and invite your loyal consumers through it. Start listing your products to online shop hosting in your national level, and gain their trust by LISTING YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS INTO IT. Make it as trustworthy as possible, with some additions of achievements and proofs that your business is trustworthy and REALLY GOOD.

After this level, for as long as you follow my guideline, I’d say that you’re already earning a pretty amount of money. So with your savings, start some of those good marketing strategies I’ve listed above and try to start marketing your products WORLDWIDE with the help of these good marketing strategies. And oh! By the way, I believe you can now afford to buy in bulk from legit manufacturers and start something big-time. You can now buy your own website, and hire people to do stuff for you. Along with this step by step guide, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already had learned a MORE DETAILED techniques you’ve formulated your own, and most probably be that reaching a national level of trust from consumers – you’ve learned 100000000000000000x more about Marketing and Small Business than when you’ve just started.

I know that I’ve explained it through a scenario and not all scenarios will happen just as like this. But I’d say, doing this guide also had merit you some learning that only a passionate mind could have that can’t be taught. I also had stated some GENERAL RULES as a guideline to this. And most of all before ending this part 1, always remember this. “A passion will never be handicapped”, it means that ‘It doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about stuff because you don’t have a degree or related studies about it, already means you can’t do it anymore’.

“Everything is easy for a learner” – David Oriol

Email me if you have some questions and subscribe to see you in part two..


The big-timer’s choice!

I believe it has been a decade already since the internet became as common as a telephone line in our lives; and since then there was a huge improvement and changes in the money making business online. During the start of the year 2000, the ‘how to make money online’ idea became just a part of those big-time businessmen who’s earning like millions as their income. But this has been changed during the mid decade when the ‘how to make money online’ idea has been proposed to the commoners or let’s say the average ‘how to make money online’. What I mean about the average is that when you correlate it to the real physical world; we have CEOs and Bosses, and we have these average people working for them. Well basically, not all people still do know the secret to make money online even some easy ways – the reason for my previous post anyway.

Now what I’am about to teach you right now is my so called “The Big-timer’s Choice”. This is when you make money online not just an ordinary entrepreneur who’s seeking ‘just enough’ revenues, but someone who’s aiming for millions or let say – you want to be the boss!

You might have been thinking by now that this is something expensive or unaffordable. But honestly speaking, not all but just some strategies.  Though you really need to be serious in learning because this is not that easy – at least not that easy with the one that I’ve taught you before. These ‘how to make money online’ strategies are much more complicated and sometimes much more expensive, but I’ll teach you guys anyway because who knows that a beginner like someone else or you might be interested in a much more challenging online work than the easy ones.

Note that I won’t be able to explain it in details because of some reasons like word counts. If you’re eager to learn the detailed explanation of any; subscribe (will probably post a detailed explanation for each on a separate blog post) and email me then I’ll do my best to teach you the tricks to each of these.

So these are some ways on how to make money online as a big-timer;

How to make money online through Blogging – I know that most of the people know about this, or at least have heard about this or read. I know a lot of people as well say that making a blog is easy – yes it is but making a huge amount of money from it is another story. I’ve read a lot of articles about blog as one of the easiest ways to earn money online, but for me, yes it is easy if you’re aiming for some pocket money or some extra money. However, if your aim is to do it for a living and get tons from this, then I’d say you’re underestimating this.

Okay! Okay! I’ll teach you the basics so don’t be discouraged!

The first thing that you put in mind when writing a blog if you aim for $ is to think of a really good trending niche – accept it! If you’re not going to write about something related to a trending niche or something that can’t be marketed, you’ll never earn here even an amount for a living! So for example you want to write for a medical niche; you should update your blog with article topics related to this niche and make it as thoughtful/informative and as interesting as possible like your life depends on it. After some weeks of hard work – yes! Hard work! – If you’re already confident enough that your blog on this niche is already good, you may try to add some ads from adsense related to the niche that you write about (ex. Pharmaceutical drugs, medical therapies, etc.) and continue to drive traffic into your blog to moneytize from it.

If you succeeded in driving a good traffic on your blog, you’ll just wake up one day having so many emails from sponsors asking you to post an ad about their businesses; this is when a blog becomes for a living. Nevertheless, there are too many detailed ways to really make some thousands of dollars with a blog a month, but I will share it to you guys in a different blog post next time. *Promise*

How to make money online through Internet marketing – There are lots of strategies in marketing online; SEO, social media marketing, forum marketing, etc. You can be one of these three people in this type of marketing; The one who’s using money for everything as a capital like hiring people to sell his products, sponsoring an already existed blog, or something like paying someone to do the manual labor for them. You can also be the one who’s doing all the labor and is not capable of having a capital and is reliant on a boss who owns a business. Lastly, you can be both of these first two types.

So let us say you’re someone who can start up with a small capital and will also do the labor by yourself. First off course is to establish your own SMALL business, then purchase a website about your small business. Now what’s the next move if you already have this? This is where these some marketing tips or strategies will take place;
SEO or search engine optimization – This is a marketing strategy wherein you use your website content to drive traffic into your website. By the use of keywords, you will be able to drive traffic into your website by incorporating keywords that are likely to be used by people when searching in Search Engines. For example; your website is about selling a type of drug (not illegal drugs, lol) for heart attack. Since you will start a website about it; for sure you will post some really good articles in it concerning heart attack and how effective  your drug will be against heart attack. Now if you incorporate SEO, you must think of some keywords that people will search in Google about heart attack and your drug like; “How to treat heart attack”, “Drug of choice for heart attack”, “What is heart attack”. Now when you stuffed your article with keywords such as this one, people searching through search engines with this keyword will be able to have access into your website with the help of google optimizing your article to the keywords these people are searching. When these people make it to your website, chances are they will read it, and more chances are they do have heart attacks themselves or is suspected having one, then seeing your products on your own website where that SEO article has been written will give them the opportunity to buy your products. Sounds simple? Not really that much, but will teach you more about SEO next time.

Social Media Marketing – how to make money online from this? I’m sure I have taught you about this as being easy – yes but only if you already have the advantage such as the one I’ve told you before. But let us assume that you are of no one but starting a small business and you want to market this one to a social media site – sound’s difficult? I’ll teach you anyway.

First is to establish a page/profile for your business or anything trending that is related to your business. Well, the usual photo uploading with captions of the most interesting stuff related to your small business, some videos about your business or related to it being uploaded on YouTube and posting it into your page and some description about yourself and your business. The next thing that you should do probably is to stuffed your page with some cool SEO articles, some humor, some schedules of events, etc. But the most crucial part is to gain subscribers – by far the most difficult part even if you ask those who had made success on this. Subscribers are really good source of leads. If you gain serious subscribers, then you can relax now as most probably these people will not be offended if emailed, in fact, be more interested with your business as you can consider subscribers as your fans in your Page. This will make leads much easier than anything else. I’ll teach you more about gaining subscribers on my next post so stay tuned!

Forum Marketing – How to make money online through forum marketing for me has two ways;  the active and the passive. Active when you register into some forums allowing advertisements that is related to your website and actively post a thread or comment in some existing thread and market your business. The passive way is when you register in a forum and be a part of it; you place signatures but is not convincing anyone to click it, and make some random posts and make friends to a community. Then someday, people may ask about a certain stuff then if it is related to your business, that’s the time that you will recommend it. Another way is to build trust and when they already did trust you, tell them about your business right away. Though there are really detailed ways to do these both, please email me if you are interested in knowing much of this.

Now the last ‘how to make money online’ online for big-timers that I will teach you is website flipping. Pretty easy to explain its definition but is kind of difficult to do, especially if you’re not interested. This is the making of a website, make it grow and make it very valuable, then sell it to someone or through flipping sites.

So these are some ways on how to make money online as a big-timer. Big-timer might be something scary to hear, but to explain why I used this term, it is because most of the time these are the strategies that will really make you loads of money more than anything else considering that you will start a small business. I have a detailed way of doing each of these strategies that I’ve mentioned above and even having more strategies unmentioned, but I would like to apologize because it’s impossible to list everything in a single blog article. BUT! I sure will teach you about this one by one in the future.


Article I’ve made solely for amateurs and beginners

Money making online is one of the most trending topic nowadays; whether you hear it from someone else doing it, or simply an article about it wondering in your feeds. Basically, it’s super famous, and it wouldn’t be that famous if it’s not effective. But the thing is how effective it is in terms of the skills and resources that you might have as of now and what skills and resources do these successful money makers have that made them successful in their online business. The truth is, though skills and some financial resources matters most of the time; there are these ways to make money online that you can actually do even if you’re a complete beginner that works best and will let you earn loads of money still. No money? Not a problem as well! Just continue reading, and you’ll see how an amateur could earn loads with these amateur’s different ways to make money online.

There are kilo-tons of ways to make money online; but most of the time, it’s rather difficult or only those who have been trained could do that. Ways to make money online had spread all around the web, but I believe there are still beginners out there who couldn’t do that or sometimes they couldn’t understand it at all. SEO, Domaining, Site Flipping – “what in the hell are these?” a typical beginner’s question. Though there are lots of beginner’s articles for these not-for-beginners ways to make money online – Now after you read it, have you understand what they’re talking about? I guess in the back of your mind you’re telling yourself, ‘this is discouraging, why can’t I comprehend this?’ and most of the time this is the case, was it?

But in this article it’s different; as anyone reading this, newbie or expert, will surely make money out of this – The amateur’s different ways to make money online;

Translators – Are you someone whose mother language isn’t English? If so, do you know how many website owners need their websites to be translated from English into some other languages? Oh you need to know this! Marketing something differ from products to products. Some English website owners wants to target a market that doesn’t know English that much! For example, I’m an American businessman who wants to sell goods into Japan but I know nothing about Japanese; the only thing that I could do is to hire a translator that will translate my website texts from English to Japanese – and here’s the part that you will set in! The pay is per page and the rate is extremely high as well! Now, as a native Japanese or whatever your race is who knows English, don’t you think being a translator truly is one of the amateur’s different ways to make money online? Can you tell me what’s difficult translating some words from something that you were using for years into English that you’ve probably learned way back your school years? It’s really easy!

Photography – Do you have good photographing skills? Do you know some simple image editing and cropping? Well I guess this easy way of earning online is perfect for you! There are lots of website owners who needs photographers of all kinds – whether you take pictures of gorgeous models, take pictures of some exotic animals, take pictures of some funny stuffs, or simply took a picture of some rare stuff (an original picture of 3 flying birds that formed an extravagant happy face was bought online for some million USDs that go viral all over the web for years) – with this hobby, you’ll also earn loads online.

Me, Myself, and I – YES! Just yourself! Just loads of yourself! Are you someone good looking? Are you someone whose anybody’s eyes are on with? Well! This way of earning as a newbie online is the one for you! All you need to do is make a page in Facebook (Do the equivalent way from other social media sites), upload as many things as you can about yourself (mostly photos and videos), then invite your admirers to your page. Eventually after few weeks or months, if people from other places will discover your beauty through your posts and your admirers spreading YOU; then basically, you’ll gather kilo-tons of SUBSCRIBERS. Now there is this businessman who wants to market a product related to fashion and beauty – you can ask him to pay you TONS OF MONEY to market his product on these kilo-tons of admirers of yours! Basically, since most of these people in both genders admire you – chances are they will at least click the website of your affiliate that will drive traffic to his website

So here are some ways to make money online. But if you notice, these examples are something specific that only a limited type of people could participate, so I’ll show you more generalized ways to make money online; something everyone could participate!
Virtual Assistant – Do you know that these online business owners are busy? Do you even know that they can’t handle their stuffs alone, and they always need an assistant to help them do their stuffs? Then you might be the one that they need! Most of these people hire someone who’s hardworking and honest. You don’t really need to be knowledgeable at start as most of the time these people will train you from scratch, and most of the time they only need people to do the time consuming EASY part of their work – one really good example is booking a plane ticket for his/her vacation.

Free lancer – Do you know about oDesk or Elance? These are website of which people, both clients and contractors, are engaging to do work for hires! Basically, it’s just a job that you do online and get paid from it. It’s safe because the owner of these websites formulate a way to avoid scams between client and contractor engagement. So it’s literally applying for a job, work for that job, and be paid hourly or in fix price.

There are actually more easy ways to make money online and here are some examples. I will show you more ways, but in a more detailed form inside my website. So subscribe and stay tuned for more posts and visit my website for more effective ways to make money online.

Our world is living in a relative sequence of people making a living as someone who works for someone, or someone who owns something and is hiring people to do jobs for them. Way back about 20 years ago, our world is dependent on local businessmen selling us any types of goods for us to live a good life. Food, shelter, water, music stuffs, maintenance, etc. – everyone is reliant on local businessmen who sell these goods for all of us – locally. Nevertheless, big businesses venture into international trades, the reason why we can buy some things that only a foreign country could produce or reproduce. The disadvantage is, it’s really super expensive.

But things change – I mean everything’s change way back before we’ve reached the year 2000. All these locally stuffs soon had slowly faded away when these new technologies have been taught to the public – “The Internet”.

We’ve done a lot of things with the internet, we make new friends who’s miles away from our reach, we watch movies through our computers instead of getting ourselves lining up for a Hollywood movie in theaters, and it is as if we’ve woken up one day realizing that we’re not obliged anymore to buy our music CDs in the malls because all we have to do is download it. But the most promising feature of this web is the so called “Making money online”.

Have you ever been in a situation wanting a really good pair of shoes worn by your favorite sports star, but was really pissed off otherwise because you can’t buy it due to the fact that Nike is 300 miles away from your location? Then, have you ever been into a situation as well during 2000s; a friend of yours had texted you something like, ‘hey bro, I’ve got a Bryant here at 200 USD bought from Ebay at free shipping’, and you were like, ‘what in the hell are you talking about?’ and he laughed at you saying, ‘what are you? Some kind of an old hag way back 90s who’s ignorant of making money online that gives tons of relief for consumers?’ – After hearing this, you’ve felt like you’ve become an idiot for a moment and became so eager to learn about these making money online stuffs; ever been in this experience?

Making money online in my own opinion is the evolution of the world we used to have. It brings us into a new world of ease trades – everything can be done just by clicking your mouse, or typing some short words in your keyboard. Bank accounts? Yes, we always have. How about Paypal? Not all, but we all SHOULD HAVE! For what reason why I should have it? Buying stuff online, spending my money online, get my salary online, be an entrepreneur online – making money online!

If we are to compare business during the 90s with the business we have starting year 2000 to the present money making online, we can say that there’s a huge difference in terms of the trading system that I would like to explain and differentiate in this blog, systematically the following;

Foreign trade – Buying expensive stuff locally had decreased since the start of the internet. Usually, businessmen will communicate from other businessmen in other countries to franchise their products that he wants to sell in his local system for a higher price. Of course, consumers watching these foreign stuffs on their televisions will tend to buy these foreign stuffs locally from those businessmen who took franchises from the owner of a said product. Now, with the use of the internet, people don’t need to rely anymore on those businessmen selling goods locally but all they need to do is to buy those stuffs from the foreign businessman selling the goods that he’s looking for – directly and with a cheaper price even if he pays for its shipping. The good thing is, even if you’re a commoner wearing jeans unlike those elegant businessmen; with a little capital, you can now buy and sell products to other people locally with a cheaper price. See how the world works right now? Even a college dropout with no business background can now buy and sell with ease and is making money online.

Writing and publishing – People read books, but as much as people love to read books they are also into writing their own as well. But this is the question, how few are authors who got famous and is earning with their writing? Going back 90s, I’d say about 10% only had earned some pennies, and I’m pretty sure less than a percentage had made it to being famous and successful in terms of making writing as a way of living. BUT! This really low percentage had been put to an end when Amazon and Ebook took their role in the internet industry – both to sell books for a profit, and help other writers to publish their own book and market it through the internet 100x easier than manually handing pamphlets and banners to people in some crowded places; this became possible and effortless through making money online.

Marketing – Ever had something to sell, or a program that you want some decent amount of people to participate? Are you one of these specialists who have a really good idea about losing weight, but is struggling to market your program for it to reach people who may become interested with your ideas? During 90s, these type of entrepreneurs before were struggling to manually lend pamphlets or banners into malls just to inform people that they have programs to share for both side’s benefits; but when the internet or making money online was introduced, specialists and other teaching personnel had stopped sending papers anywhere and focus their money wasted from those papers to buy and maintain their own website and market it through the internet while sitting in their chairs and drinking coffee. What’s more? They don’t need a place anymore to share their program! All they need now is a high speed internet and host a webinar for everybody using the internet, and basically host it in their own houses where all people facing their computers in their homes could watch, listen, and learn with a cup of coffee.

So this is my so called “The evolution of the world we once knew”. A very difficult world of ins and outs of trades and exchange, into a new world of business that is simplified enough for ordinary people or so called commoners could participate, a new world where everything that seems impossible became possible – the new world of business called “making money online”.

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